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Pharrell: Stay true to your style

Pharrell Williams thinks you should be able to express yourself with clothes any way you like.

The musical megastar is not only a singer, producer and celebrated song writer, but also rocks some savvy fashion.

His style choices often divide critics, like the oversized Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat he wore to last year's Grammy awards, but Pharrell says clothes should always come down to personal choice.

"Style is being able to wear what you want to wear because it makes sense to you," he mused to the American edition of GQ magazine. "I mean, when something is good it's just good.

"This is your life, I mean you can't let anyone else direct your life - your life is your movie and that's where the quality comes in. You should be able to do whatever it is that you want to do. As long as you're not harming anyone else why shouldn't you be able to express yourself."

The Grammys fall a bit later this year, so it's yet to be known what ensemble Pharrell will be wearing to the 2015 ceremony, where he is nominated for six awards.

Work-wise, the 41-year-old is as busy as ever. He recently joined forces with Gwen Stefani on track Shine, with the peroxide blonde star commenting on how much she admires his look.

"Even back in the day, I was so jealous of his style. I would come into the studio and he would wear these crazy diamonds and I was like, 'Why can't I have that many diamonds?'" she smiled to "His style has evolved and he's really hitting his stride.

"I definitely see some of his outfits and I wish that I could wear that."

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