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Pharrell to launch fragrance

Pharrell Williams is set to release his debut scent in the near future.

The American singer has confirmed his debut scent will be released in the near future.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his idea, Pharrell compared the creative process to forming art.

"I create based on what I feel like is missing. You jump in and follow your gut. It's like a sculpture - you're just adding on more clay, you're chiselling away and adding on until you feel like it's done, and you stand back and go, 'Oh! It's a person,’" he told Details magazine.

The musician is also renowned in the fashion industry. He has clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, as well as a glasses and jewellery collaboration with Louis Vuitton. His new scent will add to his already successful empire.

When it comes to his dapper appearance, Pharrell has admitted he dresses spontaneously depending on how he feels on the day.

"It's how you feel when you wake up in the morning, where your head is and what the weather's going to be like," he previously told website "If you follow those three things, you'll always be true to yourself and your intention will be transparent. That's what I love. I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement."

He also insisted there are no particular items which he wears more than others to express himself.

Pharrell believes putting a label on his look makes it harder to be impulsive with his fashion.

"I can't say what I'm going to wear all the time. The minute that I say that, then there's something in me that tips off and then I need to break out of that," he explained.

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