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Pharrell Williams takes denim seriously

Performer Pharrell Williams is now a co-owner of denim brand G-Star and proud that the company is making strides in the way of sustainability.

Pharrell Williams takes his role as "Head of Imagination" at G-Star very seriously.

The singer is a co-owner at the Dutch denim label and sees his new role as both an opportunity to express himself and to make a statement within the fashion world.

The 43-year-old is working on various lines with the manufacturer and is keen to align his urban style with the label, though he freely admits that he is taking the opportunity earnestly. This is because he's fully aware of how celebrities with fashion lines are more often than not treated as figureheads.

“I see it as an awesome opportunity for me to express myself in terms of using the denim as a medium, to just make a statement whenever,” he told W magazine. "Yes, we’re making more denim. But I think what’s been number one for us has been getting the recipe right, just making sure the ingredients are there, the intention, the integrity.”

Newly pink-haired and sporting rainbow-coloured grills, during his interview he wore white graffitied Timberlands, a baseball cap emblazoned with the word 'Plant' and a distressed denim jumpsuit.

Pharrell's interest in the brand began in 2014, when he collaborated with G-Star on a capsule collection called Raw for the Oceans that replaced the polyester threads in denim with recycled plastic found in the oceans.

Accordingly, sustainability remains a huge focus for Pharrell, and he is proud that in the last two years G-Star has jumped from using 15 per cent to 61 per cent recycled polyester, equating to 700,000 bottles every season. “Did over two million last year alone. Ten tons of plastic,” he shared. “And that’s cool.”

Pharrell noted G-Star is now expanding from plastic found in the oceans to sourcing from the land as well, in an attempt to “do something bigger and better and more robust” – a mission the former N*E*R*D performer seems committed to carrying out.

“Making me a co-owner… I don’t think there could be any bigger gesture (toward sustainability),” he added.

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