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Phoenix road-tested Inherent Vice sandals

Joaquin Phoenix was able to take on his Inherent Vice role thanks to wearing clothes from the period.

The 40-year-old stars in Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming movie as investigator Larry 'Doc' Sportello, who takes on a job looking into the mysterious disappearance of his former flame's new boyfriend. Set in the 70s, the cast rock some vintage pieces, with Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges getting up close and personal with the cast and their outfits.

"[Joaquin had] a lot [of input in his wardrobe], because he has to inhabit that character. When we’re working together, he’s open to what I have, and he and Paul talk about it. If the clothes fit well and he’s comfortable, it frees him up to create a character. Paul will then look at an outfit to see if it photographs well. So it’s all of us together," Mark explained to

"He took a pair of sandals just to get used to walking in them. But we wash all of the stuff and age it so it looks very lived in. That’s also the beauty of using clothes from the period. They’re worn-in and have a lot of character, so I love using real clothes - and Paul loves us to use real clothes whenever possible. That also helps Joaquin to take on that life."

It wasn't just Joaquin who embraced his alter ego's closet. Star Benicio Del Toro decided to keep his red windbreaker from the film as a reminder of his time on set.

Also starring in the movie is Reese Witherspoon as Penny Kimball, Martin Short as Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd and Serena Scott Thomas as Sloane Wolfman.

"For Reese’s things, we made them with vintage fabric. We made Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd’s clothes. We made the incredible black bathing suit that Sloane Wolfmann wears, which is cut with no back," Mark continued. "That came from some research of 60s... With fashion, I try to find the most interesting out-there visuals that tell a story but don’t take you out of the moment of the film."

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