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Pierce Brosnan: Model booker shocked son

Pierce Brosnan used to wish he was shorter as he thought that equated more talent.

The Irish star may be 62, but he still rocks the suave looks that helped land him the role of James Bond in 1995's Golden Eye.

Good looks obviously run in the family, and Pierce's 18-year-old son Dylan is now a bona fide model.

"Do what makes you happy is how I see it - it will bring dividends," Pierce smiled to Details magazine.

"Dylan was discovered in Malibu by Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent while having a cup of coffee. This dude came by, took a photograph, and gave Dylan his card. He promptly lost it. The office called a couple weeks later, saying, 'We've been waiting to hear from you.'"

Known for his coiffed dark hair and sea blue eyes, Pierce has been a Hollywood heartthrob for more than two decades.

These days he's often spotted with designer stubble too, and while he's adaptable when it comes to appearance, you'll never catch him having an anti-ageing injection.

"Good heavens, no," he exclaimed when asked if he'd have Botox. "It's a disgusting thing in our society, what we do to ourselves. We should just enjoy as best we can and make peace. If something crashed in around the old face, then I suppose I'd do something - I have a healthy dose of vanity - but this is it. Long may it last."

As well as his gentlemanly good looks, Pierce is also known for his impressive stature. He has always been tall, but as a youngster he longed to knock a few inches off of his height.

"I was six feet tall at 11. I remember noticing that a lot of actors who were extremely powerful were a certain height, and I used to wish that I were maybe just half a foot shorter, so that I'd be more talented. More intensity to my mass, as it were. Foolish thinking as a very young actor," he laughed.

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