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Pitbull perfecting perfume

Pitbull has always been "intrigued" by perfume.

The Miami-born singer has created scents for men and women, titled Pitbull. He has revealed how growing up in a female-dominated home inspired his decision to branch out into the industry.

"I was raised by nothing but women, my mother was my father. I was always around these great-smelling products and I would see the way [his mother] would mix them up and wear different outfits. I was always intrigued by fragrance," he told WWD. “[When I was growing up men] always had a heavy smell to them. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of that - I was more about a softer, sexier smell. I’m in the business of attracting women, not men.”

The fragrances will be unveiled during Pitbull's New Year's Eve concert in Miami, with pre-selling beginning next month.

Pitbull worked with Givaudan to create the scents, with the women's offering boasting top notes of crisp red apples and mandarin with a base of amber, vanilla and musk. For the guys, there are top notes of cardamon, sage and bergamot as well as violet, verbena and tonka bean.

The star was heavily involved in designing the cylindrical bottles, which he describes as "sexy and powerful". Pitbull got the idea for the shape by visiting places such as Dubai and Shanghai.

"When we started talking about it, it was about very sexy smells,” he said. “The woman can wear the men’s cologne and the man can wear the women’s perfume... I love to mix them up and see what kind of people you attract off of them... I am a walking focus group.”

Pitbull is eager to expand his line, with Pitbull Miami and Pitbull Rio set for launches in 2015 and 2016. There are also plans for Pitbull London and Pitbull Berlin.

“I think that a soft, sexy sensual scent isn’t what people are going to expect from me,” Pitbull continued. “Due to imaging, people think I’m someone that I’m not...

“I have been in business since 1999. This is our first crack at it. We’re not looking to hit a home run or a grand slam; we’re just looking to learn and then give the best product that we can. And in turn, spread the word to the public.”

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