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Piven: I'm not messing with my face

Jeremy Piven wouldn't have plastic surgery because he doesn't want to mess with his face.

The Entourage actor doesn't understand why people would want to change the way they looked, and can't imagine not wanting to see his face in the mirror.

He also believes people who opt for a nip or a tuck all wind up having similar appearances - something he isn't prepared to do.

"I don't think so," he told British magazine Heat when asked if he'd have plastic surgery. "I think that you're supposed to be able to read what's going on in an actor's face. It would be like a football player having his femur broken so that he could look taller, and suddenly he can't run. This is part of what I do - my face. So no I don't think it's right to mess with it.

"Also, you are who you are, so you might as well look like yourself. And people who get stuff done, they all start looking the same. You suddenly fall into this category of people who all look the same because they've had that done, as opposed to looking like who you are. So I'd rather just be me."

Although surgery is out of the question, 48-year-old Jeremy does think it's important to stay in shape.

He likes to keep fit in various ways, and was photographed doing the splits at a charity tennis match last summer.

"I like to run and I bought a bicycle. I like to try to do something as much as possible, you know? I think that's the key. I like to wear layers and I'm not afraid to sweat. It feels good to seat. Although, I think some Brits find it uncouth to be around a sweaty American!" he laughed.

Currently starring as Harry Selfridge in the British TV show Mr Selfridge, Jeremy had to grow a beard for the part.

"I have to say that this grows really fast. I have to trim this thing every day. It's out of hand. It's ridiculous," he explained.

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