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Pretty Woman costume designer pays tribute to Garry Marshall

Pretty Woman costume designer Marilyn Vance says Julia Roberts was "a trooper" during filming of the iconic movie.

Pretty Woman costume designer Marilyn Vance has remembered late director Garry Marshall as a "star generator".

Julia Roberts took on the famous role of hooker Vivian in the 1990 chick flick, who falls for suave businessman Edward, played by Richard Gere.

Director Garry passed away died last week (19Jul16) at the age of 81, but tributes are still pouring in.

“Who but Garry Marshall could take a prostitute and make her into an icon?” Marilyn smiled to The Hollywood Reporter. “Why Pretty Woman was and still is relatable to audiences some 25 years later is the humanness, not the sophistication. That was Garry’s charm. He was uniquely creative, warm and generous, a star generator.”

As well as a fairytale love story, Pretty Woman is also fondly remembered for Julia's stunning wardrobe, which saw her go from a street walker in revealing, cut out dresses to a sophisticated opera lover in a sumptuous red gown.

Talking about her style transformation, Marilyn reveals all the costumes were made especially for Julia.

“Vivian's journey begins through fashion - by seeking help to change her wardrobe to fit Edwards’s high-class lifestyle. Each and every outfit including the red gown, was custom made for her character, because of the fashion cycle,” she recalled. “Otherwise, things could have looked dated. We made everything couture-style. Julia was amazingly patient through all the fittings.”

One of the most iconic looks in the film is Vivian's opera ensemble, which Julia wears with long white gloves. Her red hair is pulled back in an elegant up do, and it’s here she starts to really fall for Edward.

“Although Garry wasn’t a visualist, he was very involved with the looks, especially in the creation of the red gown,” Marilyn shared.

“Julia was a trooper. She had to stand and get measured for everything. We were also really low key with accessories. We stuck with one pair of pearl earrings she wore with seven changes. Piling on is easy, trying to take it all away and help the character is difficult.”

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