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Prince's hairstylist: 'He was always fly'

Prince's hairstylist Kim Berry loved that the late singer knew exactly how he wanted to look at all times.

Prince would never be caught in jeans, and his team never dared to wear them around him.

The world is still mourning the loss of the music icon, who passed away on 21 April (16) aged 57. His impressive vocals and lyrics weren't the only things that gained him recognition as he also became famous for his quirky, flamboyant appearance.

Kim Berry was Prince's hairstylist for 28 years and witnessed up close the legendary star's outlook on beauty and fashion.

"His inner crew always had to be dressed - you couldn't wear jeans or tennis shoes around him," Kim recalled to Allure. "How could you, hanging around with Prince? People would ask me, 'Does Prince even own a pair of jeans?' No. He wore custom-made everything. He played basketball in the beautiful clothes and three-inch heels that you guys saw him perform in. That's just how he got down - he was always fly."

When it came to tending to his locks, Kim says Prince wore "every hair style that any woman could ever think of". However, towards the end of his life, the Purple Rain singer chose to go more natural - something the hair expert wants to expand upon following his death.

"He was like, 'Kim, I don't have to get my hair done as often!'" she added. "We could just get him conditioned, fluff it up, and send him on his way. We started working on our own product line four or five years ago, and that's something I'm going to finish out.

"I remember once he grew out his hair for months, played the guitar at a concert in '99, and the day after, he said, 'Cut it off. I'm done. I just wanted to look good for that night.' He knew what he wanted at all times, and he had me there to seal the deal."

Prince also did his own make-up, improving his techniques each time he applied products. Kim, who landed the job while dating one of the star's bodyguards, will never forget how considerate and thoughtful Prince was too, revealing one particular charitable act.

"When a bridge broke in Mississippi, he hand delivered over a million dollars to each of the victims' families," she smiled. "This was the stuff that no one knew anything about. He kept his business to himself. People didn't know the real man, who was always gracious and looking out for everybody."

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