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Priyanka Chopra: 'You can't escape your flaws'

Priyanka Chopra has encouraged people not to model themselves on those in adverts, because it's unrealistic.

Priyanka Chopra isn’t worried about her flaws because they make her special.

The Indian actress and singer has made the move from successful Bollywood star to Hollywood actress, and will soon be seen in the big screen version of hit TV show Baywatch.

She’s started to become a regular on the red carpet in America, and is gracing the covers of more and more mainstream magazines. Despite her stunning looks, 33-year-old Priyanka admits she’s just as flawed as anyone else.

“Accepting who you are and especially your flaws if you think about it scientifically everyone has flaws, but the more flawed you are, or whatever your flaw are, you understand them,” she told InStyle in a behind the scenes video. “That’s what makes you unique, because no one else has that. And when you’re unique, you’re special.”

For the accompanying photoshoot, Priyanka stuns in designs like a velvet Fendi dress and a Gucci gown adorned with feathers. She called the shoot “effortless”, praising the InStyle team for making the day so easy.

On the subject of being true to yourself Priyanka admits it can be tough at times - for anyone, not just celebrities.

“Because we are bombarded by so many different kinds of expectations, whether it’s advertising, whether it’s what you’re supposed to look like, what is the right way for you to dress, what is the right way for you to look,” she sighed. “And all of that is so unrealistic. Eventually you have to be the best version of you whatever that might be. And that’s a very individual journey.”

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