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Puff Daddy keeps it clean

Puff Daddy wants people who wear his latest fragrance 3AM to be stopped by passer-bys.

The musician is set to release his latest scent, 3AM, after previously releasing a range of successful offerings.

Speaking about what inspires him during the creative process, Puff shared what notes he prefers to include in his fragrances.

"I usually have a name first, then I go to the scent and the design of the bottle. I work directly with my partners and they give me almost all the creative freedom," he explained to "Scent-wise, I usually say the same thing: I want to smell clean; I want it to smell good. I don’t like woody, musky smells. I use bergamot in almost every fragrance - things that relate to freshness but also give you an erotic type of smell."

Asked whether he pictures his latest fragrance as a going-out scent, the rapper insisted his customers will be "sophisticated enough" to know when's best to wear it.

He didn't plan on making 3AM unisex, revealing it was initially meant for men, but it ended up evolving into an odour which appeals to genders.

Puff has big hopes for his newest creation.

"First of all, I want [people] to like the design of the bottle, but just like with any fragrance, I want somebody to stop you in the elevator and ask you what you’re wearing. No matter what the fragrance is called, that’s my objective. And I want a lot of people to get laid to it!" he added.

The raunchy ad for the fragrance, which features Puff and his girlfriend Cassie Ventura getting hot and heavy in front of the camera, had to be edited before it can be shown.

But that hasn't stopped 3AM from gaining itself a window at Macy's in New York's Herald Square. It will be unveiled on Wednesday and WWD reports Puff will sell his first bottle to Macy's chairman and chief executive officer Terry J. Lundgren.

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