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Rachel Bilson has 'low maintenance' style

Rachel Bilson's hairstylist gives her "low maintenance" colour so she doesn't have to visit the salon much.

The Hollywood star has one of the most in-demand hair looks at the moment. She boasts dark brown hair which gradually gets lighter towards the tip, a style which has been picked up by fashion fans around the world.

Her stylist Denis de Souza has discussed how they decide what to do with her hair. He is famed for creating the Ipanema Beach Blonde technique, which leaves women's locks looking naturally sun-kissed. Tresses are lighter at the ends than everywhere else, and it was a style Denis came up with after thinking of Rachel.

"The Ipanema Beach Blonde really came from me looking at Brazilian girls hair on the beach and thinking gosh it's so pretty how can I re-create this colour at the salon and inspiration came and Rachel was the first famous girl I got to use that technique on and it became a huge trend all over the world," he explained to BeautyHigh. "I know that my client's time is very precious to them, so my favourite colour to deliver is a low maintenance one that will allow them to go months without seeing me."

Denis explained how he gets Rachel's current subtle two-toned look. He's quick to point out his technique is very different to dip-dying, which leaves women with two distinct shades in their locks.

"[With Rachel] I do softer highlights on the top of the head that shimmers only and bleach out the ends to give that beachy, easy touch to it," he said.

"I'm not a fan of [dip-dye] at all I much prefer the more subtle and natural look."

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