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Rachel Bilson has manageable tresses

Rachel Bilson's hairdresser advises her to wash her tresses just twice a week.

The Hollywood star entrusts her locks to stylist Denis de Souza. He's the man behind her iconic brunette with blonde tipped colour and has given some hints on how to recreate her style.

"The best tip I can give is not to wash the hair more than twice a week. Unfortunately the shampoo strips out the colour, changing the tone of it as well," he explained.

Denis works with a host of celebrity clients, among them Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and Nicole Richie. He explained the key to getting A-list hair is to work with the right products.

Denis wants all women to invest in a good protective spray. The product is vital if you blow-dry regularly, but can also be used to avoid damage from other areas.

"To protect the hair it's always good to have some sort of hair shield," he told Beauty High. "[It's important to] protect your hair against the intense summer heat, sea water, pool, etc."

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