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Rachel Weisz: Film character didn't look like me

Rachel Weisz says she didn't look "much like me" in hit movie The Mummy.

The actress shot to fame in the 1999 action adventure but claims it didn't affect her career opportunities greatly because she wasn't recognisable after a dramatic make-over.

The brunette beauty is known for her natural style and alabaster skin, but was completely transformed to portray feisty Evelyn 'Evy' Carnahan.

"I don't think everyone did know who I was. I didn't really look much like me in that film. They made my eyebrows really thin and made me really brown," she told Empire magazine.

Rachel insisted that her new look was so extreme, she "never" got spotted.

Now a highly acclaimed character actress, the 42-year-old is one of Hollywood's memorable faces.

However, the fiercely private star doesn't court attention and might have preferred to stay relatively anonymous.

"I never got recognised anywhere for that film," she recalled.

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