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Rachel Zoe gives 'economical' fashion tips

Rachel Zoe says wearing tights under open-toed shoes is an "economical" way to optimise your wardrobe.

The Hollywood stylist is keen for women to understand that many of the old clothing rules no longer exist. A key example is wearing peep-toe shoes in the colder months, which she knows many women of a certain age would never dream of doing.

"Obviously, if there is snow on the ground, then no. But that old thing about not wearing tights with an open-toe doesn't exist anymore," she insisted. "And it's a very economical way to winterise your spring accessories."

Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman became the proud parents of their son Skyler in March. Becoming a mother has changed a lot of things for Rachel.

She's famed for her love of shopping and has had to look for new ways to get her retail fix.

"Oh, yeah [I shop online]. It really started when I was pregnant," she told The Cut. "You wake up at weird times in the middle of the night... and then after the baby was born, and you just feel the urge to shop and spend money. [Also stores can be] very overwhelming. There's other people around, and you get hot, and you're holding all these things."

Rachel was talking at a pop-up lounge created by Piperlime in New York City this week. The stylist has created a range of faux-fur coats, riding boots and easy-to-wear hats for the online retail company.

Being a mom has also influenced the things the star wears.

"[Wedges] are a must-have accessory for motherhood," she said. "And I have oversize bags because I'm constantly throwing Skyler's stuff in them, in addition to a diaper bag. I always have a lot of stuff. And I think it's only going to get worse as he gets older - toys and books and music things!"

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