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Rachel Zoe is inspirational

Rachel Zoe is the "best advocate" for following your dream, says one of her staff.

The Hollywood stylist is passionate about her job and expects the same from those around her. Jeremiah Brent is the newest recruit to Rachel's staff and says she is incredibly inspiring.

"[Working with her is] non-stop! I have no life! People always ask me, 'What time do you check in and out?' But, the truth is, you never really check out. I have an office at my house, so when I go home I am always pulling inspiration and putting ideas together," he explained to the Inside Source. "The amazing thing about working for Rachel is that everybody there is doing something they are absolutely in love with. Rachel is the biggest advocate for people doing what they are passionate about."

Jeremiah features in the stylist's TV show The Rachel Zoe Project, which follows her professional and personal life.

He is seen completing many tasks, including helping to decorate her home. He had a limited amount of time to do so and was told he could only use neutrals.

Jeremiah loved the challenge though and is proud of the ways he made Rachel's home exciting.

"Not only does Rachel like neutrals, but she also has a very sophisticated modern aesthetic. Everything has ultra clean lines," he explained. "In order to add some warmth, I really tried to play with textures. For example, the sofa I got her has a modern, simple silhouette, but it also has a chesterfield detail, which is a little more traditional. I really tried to find her pieces that were going to keep the space cosy, while still holding onto that modern clean look she loves."

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