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Rachel Zoe pregnant?

Rachel Zoe is reportedly pregnant.

The stylist kept her figure hidden under billowing kaftans during her Christmas vacation in St. Barts.

A source has now claimed that Rachel is expecting her second child.

"Rachel is just past the three month mark so she's hardly showing yet at all," the source told

Rachel gave birth to her son Skyler Morrison Berman in March last year.

She and her husband Rodger Berman are both delighted by the news. However, it was a big surprise for them both.

The pair are rumoured to be hoping for a little sister for Skyler.

"She's thrilled, but, quite frankly a little shocked!" the source added. "She didn't think she would fall pregnant a second time, let alone so quickly!

"Both her and Rodger are really, really happy though, and Rachel is hoping for a little girl this time round, although more than anything she just wants another healthy, happy baby."

In the past the pair have expressed their desire to expand their family.

In November Rodger revealed how much he loved having kids.

"Rodger told people that Skyler is the love of his life and that they've never been happier," an observer revealed to Star magazine. "He's ready to have another child."

Rachel, 40, also joked that pregnancy has its benefits. The slender style icon loved having a fuller figure. "It was really fun," she laughed. "More boobs!"

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