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Rachel Zoe thrilled with expansion plans

Rachel Zoe is "beyond excited" about expanding her company.

The Hollywood stylist threw a Hollywood party earlier this week to celebrate the new direction her firm is going in. Rachel has launched the Zoe Media Group, a digital company aimed at women.

Her online style advice newsletter The Zoe Report has been going for a while, and she's now added in Zoe Beautiful and AccessZOEries. The first gives women information on hair and beauty products, while the second is all about bags, jewellery and shoes.

"I'm beyond excited about this expansion of the company," she enthused. "It's a whole other world for Rachel Zoe, Inc. Honestly, the whole ride is completely scary and exciting and crazy and fun! My team is just the hardest-working group; so enthusiastic, always bringing new ideas to the table. I'm still really hands-on with it all, to be honest. It's a world I was really afraid of, but now am completely obsessed with."

Rachel added she couldn't have launched the new initiative if it wasn't for her staff. She has a core group of people she relies on for ideas and advice, explaining she isn't the sort of boss who likes to "hear [her] own voice all the time".

The star still works as a stylist, picking outfits for celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler. At the moment she has no plans to get the stars involved with her new project though.

For Rachel, the most important thing is that she juggles work with her home life, especially now she is mother to eight-month-old son Skyler.

"I have the most extraordinary team and husband, and I'm not just saying that. That helps a lot," she told "And you have probably noticed that I constantly have my son on my hip. As long as this never keeps me away from him, I'm happy! The other day, he literally almost started crawling and I almost died. He totally started to, but then got frustrated and took a breather."

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