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Radcliffe: Dressing in disguise is fun

Daniel Radcliffe is OK with not being able to wear normal clothes to big events.

At this year's version of the popular event he donned a Spider-Man costume in the hope it would mean he wouldn't get swarmed by fans. But rather than bemoaning his situation, the 25-year-old has learnt to live with it.

"It's not really a frustration. I'm very accepting of what my life is and one of the limitations of my life is definitely that were I to walk on the Comic-Con floor without anything, there'd be a reaction to it," he explained to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"It's just nice to be doing that kind of thing once in a while and have that interaction with people without being the famous person changing the way that people interact with you."

The former Harry Potter star is known not to be ashamed of his body and has appeared nude on stage for play Equus and in the buff for sexy scenes in Kill Your Darlings.

He also takes his clothes off in rom-com What If and insists he never called on a body double.

"I've obviously not been somebody who shirks nudity throughout my career so no, that was definitely me," he smiled.

"My previous nude scenes have been about losing your virginity or blinding horses, so as they go, this was a really nice one."

In What If, Daniel and his co-star Zoe Kazan strip off for a bit of skinny dipping.

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