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Ralph Fiennes discusses 'coarse' beard

Ralph Fiennes has compared his beard to "coarse wool".

The British actor was sporting extensive facial hair up until November of this year. He is now showcasing a more cleanly-shaven and kempt look.

Ralph quite enjoyed having his beard, although in an interview given before he had shaved it off, the star admitted it was rather itchy at times.

"It went through that stage. Now it's at the fluffy stage. It's like coarse wool," he laughed to the February edition of Elle magazine.

"If I kissed you, I wouldn't exfoliate you."

Ralph also shaved his head for his role in the upcoming film Coriolanus, which he directed and starred in. The 49-year-old star is aware of changing up his appearance again for his next movie project.

"The beard I have now will have to go for my next role [Magwitch in director Mike Newell's Great Expectations], it's the longest time I've ever had a beard," he explained.

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