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Rashida Jones' style intuition

Brad Goreski and Rashida Jones create outfits that float their boat and are always bold with wardrobe choices.

The celebrity stylist has an A-list clientele that boasts the likes of Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Christina Ricci.

But it's from Parks and Recreation actress Rashida that he's learnt the most, and when they work together the outfits created are all about their own personal tastes and not what will land them on best dressed lists.

"I've very collaborative with my clients; it is such a give-and-take relationship. So I don't know if it's come from any client specifically, but I've learned to follow my instincts," Brad told Lucky magazine when they quizzed him on style advice he's picked up from clients.

"I won't be swayed off the best option. Rashida Jones has taught me not to think about the media's reaction to an outfit, just whether we love it or not. So we just do whatever we want, whatever floats our boat."

Brad's own style is also well known, and he can often be seen rocking bow ties and bright suits.

He cut his fashion teeth at Vogue and W magazine internships, before landing a full time job as west coast fashion assistant at Vogue.

During his many years working in the field, Brad has met numerous famous faces. But when he was first starting out the stylist found himself feeling starstruck at times.

"I'd say it was Brad Pitt," he revealed of the celebrity who left him most in awe. "It was my first day on the job as an assistant. He was super nice, but I couldn't look at him... I was focused on the job, we'll say.

"[I didn't talk to him] so much since it was really my first day on the job. I was trying to be seen, not heard!" he added with a giggle.

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