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Ray Winstone impressed with prosthetics

Ray Winstone insists spending hours in prosthetic make-up for films is "worth it".

The actor is starring in Snow White and the Huntsman as one of the dwarves, Gort. The film's make-up department meticulously worked with a range of cosmetics to create Ray's convincing on screen look, which the star was more than happy to endure.

"You find ways of getting over that because it's five hours in prosthetics. The first time you think, 'I'm not going to do this every day, I can't be doing this,'" he said during an interview with a UK TV show. "So you have to learn to listen to things in your earphones and that. But then you see the final result of what these geniuses have done and you go, 'Well, it's worth it.' That's all part and parcel of it."

Ray has previously admitted looking good has become more important in Hollywood. The 55-year-old star explained that being attractive means success on the big screen.

"I'm very lucky because I wouldn't categorise myself as being the fittest or most beautiful man in the world but I've kind of got through it a little bit. You see films now and a lot of it is to do with the look of someone. I will say, having said that, a lot of these people do look good now but they really can act," he said.

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