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Rebel Wilson: I want to go gangster on the red carpet

Rebel Wilson created a plus-size fashion line with Torrid to ensure curvy women have clothing options that are not reminiscent of “what auntie would wear to a wedding”.

Comedienne Rebel Wilson would love to get “gangster on a red carpet” with an urban-inspired look.

The 35-year-old Pitch Perfect star is known for the unique ensembles she wears to high-profile Hollywood events, and if she had her way she'd bring a thug vibe to the red carpet.

The actress, who wore a cape dress to the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year (15) and donned a police uniform at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, tells People magazine she'd like to show off her hip hop roots at parties and launches.

“I love rap music and hip hop — so I definitely have this urban, street side,” she shared. “Obviously I can’t really wear, like, gangster on a red carpet — but culturally where I came from in Western Sydney, hip hop was a big thing.

"And then I have this weird kind of preppy element because of the all-girls high school I went to in Australia… My other side is I just love to be comfortable, so I have some sweats that I really just think are dope.”

Rebel is gearing up to debut the 31-piece capsule collection she created with Torrid.

The clothing will become available from 1 November (15) and Rebel admits she did everything in her power to make the plus-size gear as hip as possible.

“I’m currently like a size 18, sometimes a 16 depending on how good I’ve been, so I’m kind of just a bit too big for most regular clothing,” she explained. “But what I found with a lot of plus-size clothing was that it didn’t seem cool or on-trend. It was kind of like what your auntie would wear to a wedding. So it was a mission to find clothes that fit and were well-made… It definitely is an under-served market.”

Rebel admitted she wasn’t really a fashionista before becoming famous, but her celebrity status has made her “way more fashionable now than what I ever was”.

“I guess that’s what happens when you become successful as an actress: People take notice of what you wear, and you weirdly become a role model for other girls,” she said. “I have a large fan base of teenage girls and so I have to start paying attention to what I wear. It takes a little while, but then you realise what looks nice and what kind of little risks you can take without being too crazy, but still showing a bit of your personality.”

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