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Rick Owens: Fans only care about debut line

Rick Owens only creates new pieces every season to show he's "making an effort".

The designer is best known for his well-tailored leather pieces, particularly his coats. He knows these are what most people want to see when he stages a catwalk presentation, but also understands he can't just show the same thing every six months.

"I add pieces every season to show that I'm making an effort, but frankly, it's the first core collection that people have consistently responded to and that I always offer. My leather, bias, and jersey story is as close to perfect as I'll ever get," he said.

The designer has penned a book about his work called Rick Owens. In it he talks about the frivolity of fashion several times, but he doesn't want that to be taken the wrong way.

He sees nothing wrong with having fun with clothes, although hints some designers take things too far.

"Oh dear, did I sound disapproving?" he asked "Because frivolous is kind of my middle name. But I do like to propose something a bit more sedate and steady to balance out all the stimulation out there. When people stick to something, it makes me feel that they know who they are. And I hate throwing out something valid for the sake of grasping for the new. I'm not saying that I've got the only answer, but I feel honest about it."

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