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Rihanna has 'fearless' style

Rihanna's stylist has revealed the secrets behind her "fearless" outfit choices.

Rihanna was the first celebrity Mel Ottenberg ever dressed.

The man responsible for some of the pop star's hottest looks couldn't resist working with her when the offer came up.

"Her body is great to dress," Mel told during the star's 777 tour. "She wears clothes so well. I figured it all out pretty quickly - she's pretty fearless. Before I started working with Rihanna I had done a lot of editorial - this was something totally different."

Mel discussed what it's like working with Rihanna while on board the private jet which is taking her to performances in seven different countries over a week.

He enjoys dressing the Barbados-born beauty in pieces from Givenchy, Kenzo and designer Tom Ford the most. He also highlighted the ability of Rihanna's costume designer Adam Selman, whose skills at creating one-of-a-kind pieces are second to none.

Adam can't get enough of Rihanna's laid back attitude to her clothes. It takes the spontaneous star ten minutes to get dressed before her performances, but up to two hours to get her hair and make-up done.

"She's very inspiring," Adam revealed. "She's very comfortable in her own skin. What she wears is about who she is - even her stage costumes. It's never pre-meditated."

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