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Rihanna: My clothes have character

Rihanna has described her new clothing range for high street store River Island as being "simple" yet filled with "character".

The pop star hopes her long-awaited fashion line will appeal to many different women.

Rihanna's debut into the design world was in collaboration with designer Adam Selman, and the two forces are seen at work in their studio in a new behind-the-scenes preview ahead of the collection's launch next month.

"I wanted all different body types of girls to be able to wear this line and feel comfortable but edgy," Rihanna explained in the preview. "I wanted there to be character within the clothes, but without it trying too hard. It's just simple."

The Barbadian beauty is known for her love of unusual attire and fashion-forward stage costumes.

Her unique style and love of fashion came into play when deciding to team with River Island.

"I have wanted to design my own fashion label for a very long time. This has been something I wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion. I got passionate about it. I felt like every time I saw something on a rack, there was something I wanted to do to change it and so I thought that the only way I could do that is by designing the perfect thing for me," she explained.

"This was my way of doing that, teaming up with River Island and designing clothes for young women, for young sassy personalities - that's what I wanted to do."

Items shown in the preview film of Rihanna's line show swimwear, striped tops with plunging backs, jumpsuits and a floor-length black dress with sheer panelling. The full collection will be shown during a special catwalk show taking place during London Fashion Week. Rihanna explained it's the UK's reputation as a leader in street style that prompted her to launch the line in England.

"My style is inspired by my moods. In this collection you'll see how I've been inspired by my different attitudes and moods through the clothing," she explained. "I love the fact that high end designers are inspired by what the kids are wearing in the UK. The kids say what's cool and the designers go and design it. Why not go to the source when you want to be ahead of the trend? I wanted to create something that's inspirational, new and fresh - that's why I wanted to work with River Island."

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