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Rihanna: My look depends on music

Rihanna says her music "determines" her style.

The singer is well known for her raunchy outfits and her bold make-up and hair colours.

Rihanna claims that she changes her look depending on the music she is creating.

"My style and my music go hand in hand. The music determines my whole way of being. It also determines my look and my makeup," she told the December edition of Italian Glamour. "At first, my agents were used to dictate the rules. I could not put lipstick because the fans would not like it. But even in that period I wanted to be aggressive because it is the only way I feel about myself."

The 23-year-old loves to be bold with her lip colour.

However, she has a few strict beliefs about what looks best on her.

"I love the red lipstick, it makes me feel feminine and confident," she explained. "I do not like the gloss effect because it is vulgar. I have another rule. The contour of the lips must be well defined. I play the "mix 'n' match": I choose a colour for the make-up and match the shoes or belt."

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