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Rihanna over her talons

Rihanna is opting for a more natural style now that she's not on tour, and has started the laid back look on her nails.

The Diamonds singer is often photographed sporting extra-long talons, painted in a variety of colours.

But the Barbados-born singer is ready to go back to the natural look when it comes to her fingers.

"I have had these long nails for a year straight on tour and I'm over it. I'm over the extended acrylic - I want something simple, no fancy colours. I'm sticking with nudes and reds right now on shorter, but not super-short, almond nails," she revealed to British magazine Glamour.

The star spoke candidly about her beauty regime, and says it's not as complex as people may think.

Although she often wears heavy make-up for the stage, 25-year-old Rihanna says getting it off is a breeze.

"My skincare routine is so simple. I just use wipes to take all my make-up off and that's it. But when your skin gets tacky, you're tired or you look like a walking corpse, it's because the skin is dehydrated. I use a couple of products, but I can't tell you which ones they are - not yet," she teased.

When it comes to her hair, Rihanna is a fan of experimenting.

She's modelled a variety of different styles and colours over the years, but says her top look is when her hair is natural.

"I love my hair short and black, I loved it red and then I loved the blonde shag that I do, but I couldn't find another shade of blonde that suits me beside that one. But my favourite is probably my natural brown hair," she said.

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