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Rihanna reveals her beauty secrets

Rihanna has shared her beauty do's and don't's.

The singer is currently collaborating with MAC Cosmetics for a second time on a new range of products.

But it was her mum Monica who first introduced the star to the world of beauty.

"My mom worked in a cosmetics store, she loves doing make-up and I learnt everything about make-up from her," she explained to the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

"Her best tip is covering a pimple with eyeliner and making it into a mole. I swear that has saved my life so many times."

Rihanna is known for her ever-changing looks on the red carpet and in her music videos.

She continued to reveal that it's make-up as much as anything else that creates a new look for her.

"[Lipstick is] a major accessory that can change an outfit or even be the outfit," she said.

"I love it - especially the red tones. For my first collaboration [with MAC] we did RiRi Woo, which was a matte, pigmented red and my fans really loved it."

Despite her love of wearing make-up, Rihanna believes it's important to look after your skin.

The 25-year-old finds her skin is always best when she is back home in Barbados.

"It's the humidity," she explained. "I try to emulate that [look] with humidifiers. I have them everywhere I go.

"Keep them in your room, right next to your bed so the moisture can go into your skin and you look all fresh when you wake up."

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