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Rihanna ‘takes cooking tips from Stefani’

Rihanna is said to "love" making smoothies with fruit and veg.

The 26-year-old singer often puts her svelte figure on display in bikinis and revealing outfits when out and about. To keep herself looking top notch Rihanna is said to use a tip recommended by fellow pop star Gwen, who is also envied for her toned physique.

"She loves blended fruit and veg. She piles cooked spinach into her drinks because that way she gets all the fibre, and it's a superfood which can help combat bloating," a source told British magazine Look. "It was a trick she learnt from Gwen Stefani."

Rihanna also relies on a five-factor diet promoted by her old fitness guru Harley Pasternak, who has also worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Megan Fox to keep their bodies in shape. The trainer revealed how the Bajan musician goes about a normal day of eating.

"A typical breakfast would be almond butter on toast with fruit, and through the day she'll have small meals like quinoa with fruit and veg, a Greek yoghurt and some nuts to keep hunger at bay. Then something like spicy cod and avocado salad for dinner," he explained.

Although her diet appears to be very healthy, Rihanna is allowed one 'cheat day' a week. Harvey believes this helps his clients keep on track with their weight loss and not feel as much pressure.

"If you're good all the time, you're more likely to slip up and feel bad about yourself," he added. "If you have a day where you can eat anything you like, you'll stay on track the other six days. That's the secret to a great body and keeps Rihanna happy."

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