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Rihanna talks Puma plans

Rihanna is going to "attack Puma" in her new role as women's creative director of the brand.

The 26-year-old singer was announced as the brand's women's creative director yesterday, helming its fitness and training line. She begins her new role in January and can't wait to add another fashion venture to her name having created her own pieces in the past.

"I love designing. I’ve always enjoyed it. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs, the combination, the marriage - it’s like having a baby, you put two things together and all of the sudden it bursts into a new thing. It’s life," she explained to WWD.

"At River Island I was able to see stuff come to life, draw up an idea from scratch, and that made me want to take on a bigger challenge. And MAC was an amazing experience - from creating packaging to going through textures. I would love to do cosmetics, because I love beauty: choosing colours, creating shapes. It’s like painting, you just get to play. The same way I treated MAC, I will attack Puma."

And the label holds a special place in Rihanna's heart as she grew up with Puma sneakers which she "wore to death".

She still has a keen interest in the footwear and keeps all her shoes in a 4,000 square-foot storage unit along with many of her performance costumes.

"I have too many if that’s even possible; they are mostly in storage now," she explained. "They are probably on par with my stilettos. I love a heel but recently I’m tending more to sneakers. Being in the studio, travelling, touring - you cannot do that in heels, unless you are Posh Spice [Victoria Beckham]. She is in the airport with four kids and she gets it done. She is so legit."

Rihanna will also be the company's global ambassador and help “design and customise classic Puma styles and create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,” the company explained in a statement.

Bjørn Gulden, Puma’s top executive, is excited about the star jumping on board and looks forward to her introducing the label a new target audience.

“She speaks the language of design and creativity, and that’s fun to see. I can already tell, she brings a lot of energy to the table," he said.

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