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Rihanna's hairstylist: Red curls rocked

Rihanna wanted a "memorable" hairstyle for her appearance at the 2010 American Music Awards (AMAs).

The stunning star arrived at the prestigious music ceremony in November of that year sporting gorgeously volumised red curls.

Rihanna's hairstylist Ursula Stephen created the glamorous look because the singer wanted something that made a lasting impression.

"Rihanna wanted something memorable. This was her last red carpet for the year," she told Juicy magazine.

"Her fans loved it and I wanted her to rock it longer than she did!"

Ursula has revealed how she created the beauty's famous red carpet look. The hair pro says the secret is all in the minor details.

"I wrapped small sections of hair around the barrel of a curling iron," she explained. "Then, I separated the curls using Motions Shine Enhancing pomade and shook the hair and fluffed it out.

"I used the FH1 curling iron."

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