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Rihanna's Met Gala designer weighs in on gown

Rihanna didn't ask how much her Met Gala dress weighed until after she'd worn it.

The 27-year-old singer wore a lavish creation by Chinese designer Guo Pei to the annual fashion extravaganza in New York City last month. It was a yellow cape, trimmed with fur and embroidered flowers, with a huge train and it took two years and 50,000 hours to make.

Although Rihanna has gushed about how much she loved it when she first set her eyes on it, Guo was initially sceptical about the idea of her wearing it.

"When Rihanna first saw the dress, she said 'it's so beautiful', but I wasn't so sure that she could handle it," she admitted to BBC.

"It was only after she appeared on the red carpet that she sent an email asking how heavy it was. I told her - 25kg (55lb). I couldn't tell her before because I was afraid she'd say she couldn't wear it."

Rihanna rocked the look - with the help of three assistants who helped her with the train on the night.

It was one of the more polarising looks of the evening, with fashion bigwigs praising the singer for taking a risk and people on Twitter less sure. Many posted joke pictures, suggesting the gown looked like an egg.

While a lot of designers would be precious about people teasing their creations, Guo was able to see the funny side of the furore.

"A friend of mine sent me one of the pictures, and said she thought the dress looked like an omelette," she laughed.

"She said she hoped I didn't mind the comment and I said, yes I agree, it does look like an omelette."

Guo giggled that some of the memes even left her feeling peckish - such as one which showed it as a piece of pizza complete with topping.

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