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Rihanna's tattoo ritual

Rihanna put on a film she starred in while getting her hand inked.

The 26-year-old singer famously had a traditional New Zealand inking on her hand while she was in the country, with the Maori design engraved on her using a chisel and mallet. Not long after she decided to add to the piece, asking artist Cally-Jo Pothecary to jet to her mansion in Dominican Republic for the work.

“She put on a film called This Is The End – a comedy she was in [during the tattoo],” Cally-Jo told British magazine Heat.

The job wasn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds because Rihanna was experiencing some difficulties at her home at the time. She was also very uncertain about what she wanted on her hand, with the result a henna-inspired pattern of swirls.

“She had bugs in her bed upstairs, so she was staying on the couch downstairs in the TV room. She was decked out on the couch. We must have done 20 different designs on her hand, rubbing bits off and adding bits until she was happy,” Cally-Jo explained.

Rihanna has many inkings, including guns on her rib cage, some stars and wings under her breasts. She’s chatted about why she loves body art so much in the past.

“I have an addictive personality and I love tattoos. When I was 16, I was curious about them and started hanging out in tattoo shops in downtown New York, watching people get tatted and pierced,” she explained. “I finally grew the balls to get one when I was 17, then started getting more. I still want another now!”

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