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Rita Ora admires mom’s lips

Rita Ora thinks her mother is "hilarious" when she sings her own beauty praises.

The 22-year-old songstress likes to share beauty tips with her nearest and dearest. Rita last laughed when her mom sang her own praises.

"When I said to my mother, ‘I like your lipstick,’ and she said, ‘Oh, this is not a good lipstick - it’s about the lips!’" she giggled when asked what last made her laugh out loud.

"My mum is hilarious."

Rita shot to international success thanks to her storming chart hits including Hot Right Now and R.I.P. The stunning star splashed out when she received her first pay cheque.

"A really big Louis Vuitton handbag for £1,000 and lots of sneakers," she told British newspaper The Evening Standard when asked what she bought.

Rita admitted that her sports footwear spending has become a little excessive since though.

"I have 300 pairs now," she added.

Rita has an enviably toned figure, but doesn't deny herself the odd treat or two. The platinum-haired singer likes to load up on carb-heavy meals a few times a week.

"A cheese and avocado burger and chips from Soho House," she revealed when asked what she'd have for her last supper. "I have it three times a week."

Rita also laughed about the rumours she reads about herself in the tabloids. The songstress admits that some of the speculation rings true though - especially regarding one report involving hot sauce.

"[I've read] a lot of shocking things, but the funniest was that I live off Tabasco. I do like it a lot," she smiled.

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