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Rita Ora: 'Don’t be afraid of hair extensions'

Rita Ora decided to dye her hair blonde as a teenager because she wanted to emulate her favourite style icons, including Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani.

Rita Ora fully owns up to wearing hair extensions to boost her locks.

The singer is known for her signature platinum blonde tresses, which she wears in a variety of fashion-forward looks for her various TV and stage performances.

But Rita, 25, admits that to achieve her striking styles she generally requires the additions of some hair pieces or extensions for added length or volume, something she isn’t shy about discussing.

"Some people feel really weird about talking about hair extensions, but the reality is your hair can't grow overnight, so why not get creative," she told Britain’s InStyle magazine. "The trick is, you have to completely own it, and that's a confidence thing."

The Poison singer has been dying her naturally brunette hair to its current bright white shade since she was a teenager, citing that she was hugely influenced by a number of her favourite performers, including late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe as well as singer-songwriter Debbie Harry and No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. She adds that she doesn’t plan on changing her hair colour anytime soon, as being blonde has "always been my thing".

"I was only 14 (when I started dying my hair), which is why my hair is so short and damaged now," shared the Kosovo-born beauty, adding that it makes her feminine. “I wasn't very girlie, and I felt that going blonde made me seem more womanly. I got addicted, and then I discovered red lipstick." But as constant styling and bleaching takes its toll, Rita has to use regular nourishing treatments in order to stop her hair from further breaking. She’s also a big fan of using hair treatment system Olaplex, which is specifically designed to strengthen blonde or dyed hair.

"Olaplex is save-your-life stuff for blonde people. It's a hardcore treatment that really fixes your hair," she shared.

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