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Rita Ora: I need make-up

Rita Ora loves wearing make-up because it “exaggerates” her best features.

The 23-year-old singer is known for her iconic red lipstick and always looks glamorous.

Yesterday saw the launch of her hotly anticipated cosmetics range with make-up giant Rimmel, which has teamed up with fashion heavy weights Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger in the past.

When asked if she would ever be seen in public bare-faced, Rita was quick to dismiss the idea, insisting she always wants to make a statement.

“No. And if I did, it would be because I’m at the airport and about to miss my flight,” she explained to British magazine Company.

“Even then, I’ll still rock a lip. I love make-up – it exaggerates what’s great about you and can totally pick up your whole face if you’re having an off-day.”

Rita's new make-up collection, which includes a nail polish line, features bright colours that are synonymous with the R.I.P. singer.

The blonde star enjoys sharing her beauty knowledge with close friends. One of these is fellow Brit Cara Delevingne, who has become a fashion star worldwide.

“Well, recently, when Cara and I were in Paris for Fashion Week, we did our own make-up and I convinced her to let me do bright yellow eyeshadow – and it looked amazing,” Rita recalled.

“I was really proud of that moment. When I saw it in photos, I was like, ‘That was me! I did that!’”

The blonde star is a fan of flamboyant shades and advises her fans to experiment with cosmetics.

“Always have some sort of colour on your face. Lips, cheeks, eyes, whatever you want. Work out what colour suits you and always have it with you,” she recommended. “It took me a while to find my perfect shade. I had to go through a lot of frogs to get to the prince.”

Rita has also been teasing fans while on set for DKNY, posting snap shots of the shoot to her Twitter and Instagram pages.

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