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Rita Ora: I'm more than music

Rita Ora thinks it’s important for her to take her fashion as seriously as her music

As well as being a successful singer, the 23-year-old star has a make-up line with Rimmel and is the face of Madonna’s clothing line Material Girl, which she designs with her daughter Lourdes. It’s all part of Rita’s master plan, which is to be seen as more than just your average musician.

“I believe in being a 360-degree artist, which means that I take my clothes just as seriously as my music,” she told Dare magazine. “My look is all me and there are no rules. I like to dress how I want and in whatever makes me feel comfortable, I also prefer trainers to heels.”

Rita likes to experiment with her look as much as possible. While her hair has remained blonde since she hit the big time, it’s been all kinds of lengths and she approaches seasonal trends with gusto.

“I’m kind of a tomboy when it comes to my style, but I like my hair and make-up to be feminine and glamorous,” she explained.

One thing the star doesn’t vary is her lip colour. She is famed for her painted-on red pout and cites Gwen Stefani, who also loves a bold lip shade, as her beauty icon.

“The deep connection I have with red lipstick comes from my mum. When I was 15, I finally had the courage to steal my mum’s lipstick, a vibrant tomato-red shade. I still remember its distinct gold tube,” she added.

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