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Rita Ora: Maternity fashion rocks!

Rita Ora thinks her mother looked best while pregnant with her.

The British singer is so fashionable, Rimmel asked her to become one of its faces and sports brand Adidas couldn't wait to collaborate with her on a collection.

Gwen Stefani is among the stars who inspire Rita's look, but her style motivation also comes from a more unusual source.

"I’m also inspired by old pictures of my mum – particularly when she was pregnant with me, she looked hot," she revealed to the Mail Online's You magazine.

"And also Kate Moss, for just being the coolest person ever – I’ve always been an unconventional person. I like trying new things, taking on a persona, a character. I’m never bored because I entertain myself visually with clothes."

Rita understands that fans see her all dressed up at glitzy events and think she has the coolest job ever, but she wants everyone to know how much work she puts into her career.

Among her roles are the Rimmel campaigns, with the 24-year-old feeling incredibly proud to join fellow ambassadors Kate and Georgia May Jagger as the "crazy, colourful one" of the group.

And adding colour to her style has always been something on Rita's agenda.

"I’d steal Mum’s YSL red lipstick and wear it with my school uniform. It must have looked ridiculous but I thought it was the most glamorous thing ever," she laughed. "I’m not saying girls need make-up to feel pretty but I love it – the colours, the vibrancy – and it makes me feel like me."

Rita also opened up about what she does to stay in shape, revealing she's ditched bread and milk and fits a juice cleanse in once a month.

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