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Rita Ora: My stylist is perfect

Rita Ora would never change her stylist as she believes he knows her the best and has a genuine love of clothes.

The 22-year-old singer has discussed the way she would change things in an ideal world.

The unique-looking star is so pleased with her current style advisor that she'll keep working with him regardless of how famous she gets.

"Luckily my friend Kyle [De’volle], who’s been my best friend since I was young, loves clothes so he’s the perfect person to help me," Rita gushed to UK magazine Stylist. "Nobody knows me better than him. We had no money so we used to go down to Portobello Market and make clothes. Now it’s just the same thing, but on a bigger scale."

Rita explained how her off duty wardrobe is very different to the bright, clashing and outrageous clothing we see her in on stage. The star has recently announced that design house Pucci is responsible for her latest tour costumes, but Rita admitted her personal style is actually much more relaxed.

"My perfect day off involves waking up and literally just brushing my teeth. And that’s it. Watching TV, eating and staying in my pyjamas all day," Rita admitted.

If she could create anything differently in the world, Rita would like to inject some colour into politics.

"I’d create a pink politician. They’d have to wear pink because I think [parliament] needs a bit of colour," Rita finished.

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