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Rita Ora recalls fashion rush

Rita Ora made her own clothes when she was younger, but now enjoys wearing garments from top designers.

The blonde bombshell has fast become a fashion icon, with her style choices getting as much attention as her music.

She's currently gracing the cover of the UK edition of Glamour magazine, wearing a black business suit and white shirt. To give the photo added edge the shirt is completely undone, revealing Rita's toned midriff.

In a behind the scenes look at the shoot, Rita goes into more depth about her past fashion moments.

"I grew up on Portobello Road [London, UK], so everything was vintage. The thing for us, what gave us the thrill, was that we were wearing 'exclusive' things, y'know, because we made them!" Rita laughed to the camera.

The video shows fashion director Natalie Hartley selecting outfits with Rita, including a matching Moschino crop top and mini skirt accessorised with a giant fur coat.

"I use clothes so I don't have to speak. I was always the tomboy growing up, I was always the goalie in the football team. I was a massive sneaker collector growing up because I worked in a sneaker shop," she revealed.

"It's now evolved because I've been given the opportunity to wear these amazing pieces from these amazing designers and I never thought I'd wear these things in a million year. But it's fun! I have fun with it."

Rita also opens up on what trends she's currently rocking.

As well as enjoying the glamour of dressing up to go out, the 23-year-old is happy to strip off when she's at home.

"Outfit of the moment for a night out would probably be a good pair of leather pants - sexy ones that show a bit of the top of the underwear, you know a bit of the hip.

"For a night in when someone special comes round, it's usually nothing, but for a first date usually be something like 'Oh I just slipped this on' and it's like silky lingerie or a gown with no shoes on," she teased.

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