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Rita Ora talks too-tight outfits

Rita Ora used to squeeze into ill-fitting garments to make herself appear smaller.

The 22-year-old singer is known for her confident and fashion forward ensembles.

She used to be shy about showing off her figure when she was growing up.

"There was a point in school when I was, like, 13, that I didn't feel comfortable at all," Rita told Teen Vogue.

"I matured more quickly than the other girls; I had bigger breasts and a bigger bum - and I hated it. I would get extra-tight leotards for my dance classes [to flatten me] because I was really ashamed of my body. At one point, I just woke up, like, 'I love my boobs, I love my skin, I love myself. And I'm going to get a leotard that actually fits because I can't breathe!'"

She says stars like Beyoncé Knowles helped her embrace her curves, and as a result she's now one of the most talked about stars in the fashion world.

Rita's not only been tapped as the new face of Material Girl, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes' clothing line, but she's also rumoured to be Karl Lagerfeld's new muse.

She described her style as being influenced by hip-hop culture with a mix of Hollywood glamour.

"I'm a tomboy but also a girl's girl," she continued.

Rita acts as guest editor of the publication's latest issue and poses wearing an assortment of outfits including an Opening Ceremony jacket and Stella McCartney shoes.

"They're Stella," Rita casually stated before Instagramming the shoes to her followers.

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