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Rita Ora: Why I love DKNY

Rita Ora was "over the moon" when DKNY approached her to be the face of their new Resort Collection.

The R.I.P. songstress is the face of the brand's Resort 2014 collection, which sees her posing in New York City's Times Square for the fashion house’s newest images.

Rita remembers being blown away by previous DKNY campaigns, so still can't quite believe she is now at the centre of their upcoming line.

"I remember them being in the city, being fabulous, and the models looking like people you could see every single day, which is what I love about DKNY. It's such an approachable line. I fell in love with it, and then slowly but surely they sent me some really nice pieces. I was obsessed and I wore them a lot," she gushed in an interview with Teen Vogue.

"I would take photos and post them on my Instagram, and DKNY contacted me and were just like, 'We love that you really love us.' The relationship naturally built from there. I performed at the DKNY Artworks party in London earlier this summer, and now we're doing this. I was over the moon when they asked me."

Rita went on to describe the DKNY girl. She believes everyone has such qualities in them.

"She's a girl you can aspire to be. It's always so simple at DKNY! They really look for three things: confidence, clarity, and inspiration. Every woman should be very, very clear with who they are," she explained.

"And every photo you see of the campaign, it's such a strong pose and an empowering moment, and it's in such a crazy city. It's always very energetic, kind of like my shows. It's very easy to be the DKNY woman: You just have to believe in you."

Rita has become involved in the fashion scene of late with friend and model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne. The platinum-haired star believes style and music go "hand in hand".

"You need the music for the catwalk shows, and you need the clothes for your videos. I always say that music is my husband and fashion is my mistress," she smiled.

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