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Rita Ora's troublesome eyebrows

Rita Ora opens up about her favourite products from her Rimmel collection.

The I Will Never Let You Down singer is one of the faces of British makeup brand Rimmel. The 23-year-old opened up about her favourite products and revealed the first thing she has to tackle is her eyebrows.

"I trim my brows a lot because I'm Albanian and I'm pretty hairy," she told "I define them with a slanted brush, eyebrow gel, and a bit of dark powder."

Rita, who is dating DJ Calvin Harris, is famed for her bold red lip and platinum blonde hair. It was important for the singer to have her signature colour be a key part of her Rimmel collection.

"I wanted to create my own red lipsticks - sometimes the deeper the colour, the sexier; sometimes the more orangey, the more playful," she explained. "I have a really sexy dark one, but it's not dry - still juicy - I like to call it a lip balm with colour to it."

However Rita has a particularly unusual reason for liking her lipsticks. Their design reminds her of one of her slightly strange pastimes as a child.

"I used to eat crayons when I was a kid, so the fact that they're in a crayon shape is, like, double cool for me!" she laughed.

Rita is so obsessed with her red lips she is constantly applying it. However she has managed to find a product which makes her look last longer.

"I'm always, always applying [red lipstick]," she confessed. "There's this thing you can buy actually, it's like a see-through [top coat] you put on your lips, which stings for about a second, but it keeps the lipstick on without any smudging."

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