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Rob Lowe: I'm a skin care guru

Rob Lowe has bought out his own skin care line.

The handsome actor has been a heartthrob since he burst on to the Hollywood scene in the 80s as part of the Brat Pack, a group of young successful actors.

At 51 Rob has maintained his looks with the help of a good beauty regime. He's now put all his knowledge into skincare line Profile4Men.

"Broadly, I've always taken really good care of my skin. Over the years of doing what I do for a living, I've learnt every trick of the trade. I really wanted to share my regimen with all men, with a line I created for them," Rob told GQ.

"And it needed to be really, really easy, with no hassles. I think men deserve a line that's for them, that's not a repackaged version of a women's line. So six years ago I started kicking this idea around, and here we are today. The line that you have in front of you, I've been using the prototypes for years now."

Profile4Men consists of five cleansers, serums and shaving products. Rob is an avid user of the products and credits the eye serum for making him look much brighter and awake.

His years working as an actor have meant Rob has spent his fair share of time in the make-up chair, which can be rough on his skin.

"I sometimes wear old age make-up for 18 hours a day for four weeks, and I've got prosthetics that they're putting on and taking off with really powerful glues. Your face can get really severely damaged if you don't have the best people working on it, and you're also not taking care of it on top of that," he explained.

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