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Rob Lowe: I’m obsessed with dadbod

Rob Lowe has confessed he’s so in love with caffeine that he would consider putting it in his body through an IV drip.

The 51-year-old Parks and Recreation actor has been considered one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs since the early 1980s.

Rob is father to two adult children now and a recent physique craze has caught his attention.

“I’m obsessed with this f**king thing,” he told New York magazine’s The Cut of his thoughts on the ‘dadbod’ phenomenon. “Did you know that I tweeted about it two weeks ago?

“I’m not pro or con [dadbod], but it's great that it is a real thing. My understanding of it is [that dadbod] guys are semi-jacked but have neglected [their abs], is that right? My new favourite term … are you ready for this? Skinny-fat. It’s a great one. Because it’s people who look skinny but aren’t, right? I think it’s time to start objectifying men. I think it’s time.”

Rob’s new skincare line Profile 4 Men will be released in Nordstrom retail stores across America this fall.

The actor credits his gorgeous face to all the professionals who have been “making me look the best” since he was a teenage star.

And to the surprise of many of his fans, Rob has also disclosed his undying love for coffee.

“I start my morning with as much caffeine as I can get into my body. If I could do it through an IV, I would. Then it’s face wash, water splash. I use my under-eye serum, which is anti-aging and depuffing. I literally carry this everywhere. If I don’t have enough time to do the full regimen, I just do this and I’m off,” the star said of how he starts his day.

“Breakfast is all protein, so I do eggs, Greek yogurt, Paleo, granola. If I'm shooting, I’m in my sweatpants. I stumble into my car and my trusty driver drives me the 88 miles a day to the studio. I have a sleep mask on, little pillow and blankie like I’m seven years old, and I roll up to the studio and stagger out and then they give me my coffee.”

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