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Robert Downey Jr. had weight denial

Robert Downey Jr. thought all his clothes had shrunk when he began to pile on weight.

The 46-year-old is well known for his impressive physique on movies such as Sherlock Holmes.

However, the actor did gain some weight after filming 2008 picture Tropic Thunder.

But Robert was unwilling to accept the truth about his chubby physique. It took a lot of convincing from his wife, Susan Downey, before the star realised he had to watch what he was eating.

"She told me I had turned into a bit of a slob," he revealed to Access Hollywood.

"As usual, I looked at her like, 'All right, she's got some warped perception of what's going on here,' and then when I realised that I couldn't fit into any of my clothes, I honestly thought maybe because I'd been in a different climate - that they'd all shrunk, and then eventually I came around."

Robert started to think about what could have caused his waistline to expand. He now puts the fault firmly at the door of one of his favourite snacks.

"I blame it on Bubba's Burgers. Probably one of the great burger establishments known to mankind," he laughed.

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