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Robert Downey Jr.’s goatee gift to fans

Robert Downey Jr. would take six hours in the morning to pick his clothes if he didn’t choose them the night before.

Robert Downey Jr. creates his own Tony Stark facial hair when promoting Marvel films.

The actor is once again suited up as Iron Man for the latest instalment, Captain America: Civil War. Promotional duties go hand in hand with film releases, and Robert loves to give the fans what they want when he hits the road. However, without the help of a hair and make-up team, the 51-year-old isn’t sure if he’s getting the goatee right.

“Well, it's not weird, but I think it's funny. If I'm gonna go promote one of these Marvel movies, I'll want to have the thing (chin) done up right... So I will attempt to do my own version. I'll try to get the hourglass there,” he told GQ Style about his weirdest grooming ritual.

As for his clothes, Robert has the right balance of classic and quirky down to an art form. He’s often lauded in the style stakes, and can pull off suits and casual wear with ease.

Not surprisingly the double Oscar-nominee takes his time when choosing an outfit, and admits to picking his clothes for the next day before he does to bed.

“It's very quick (getting dressed in the morning). Because I pick out my clothes the night before," he smiled. "What do you call that when something telescopes out and then it's like a little rod? I have two telescoping rods. I could use a third. One telescoping rod has what I'll be training in that morning. The other telescoping rod has what I'll be changing into after I've soaked through my training clothes, as my outfit du jour.

Now, were I left to do that in the morning, you said how long does it take you to get dressed, I would say six hours.”

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