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Roberts sips sickly supplement

Ashley Roberts reaches for vitamins and supplements to "cleanse" her body.

The former Pussycat Doll keeps her dancer's physique by working out regularly and eating healthily.

While she's very much into doing the right thing for her body, there are some practices she struggles to keep up.

"I have this Udo's Choice green stuff that you scoop in water and it tastes like butthole, but I drink it because of how many good nutrients it contains," she grimaced to British magazine Star.

"Sometimes I'll do a healthy vitamin drink supplement that doesn't taste very good. It's got a bunch of antioxidants and a bunch of minerals, so it cleanses you out."

Ashley always looks great on the red carpet, showing off her slim frame in pretty dresses.

The 32-year-old revealed how she prepares for a big event.

"Well, I work out with personal trainers and they know if I have a big thing coming up, we'll work really hard," she explained.

"The night before, I have done the 'not drinking water thing'. It's supposed to try to dehydrate you and the dehydration tones up your body. I did that one time before a bathing suit shoot. I actually don't know if it made any difference or not."

While she might deny herself water before a special occasion, it's usually Ashley's go-to beauty product.

The star's mom taught her to drink enough every day, which she's managed to maintain.

"Every day I try to drink it and keep my skin clear, flush it out, get rid of the toxins... It's really good for you, too," she advised.

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