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Robin Wright's House of Cards character too sexy to show cleavage

House of Cards costume designer Kemal Harris plays with light and dark colours to show Claire Underwood's internal struggles.

Robin Wright will never show her cleavage as her small screen alter ego Claire Underwood.

The actress has been playing U.S. First Lady Claire in House of Cards for three years, starring alongside Kevin Spacey as her husband Frank in the award-winning series.

Claire’s wardrobe is as much a part of her character as her conniving ways, with costume designer Kemal Harris explaining to The Hollywood Reporter why Claire wears what she does.

“I came on board in season three. I have a background in red-carpet styling and was asked by Robin if I would be her costume designer on the show,” she shared. “I was limited on the colour palette since our camerawork is dark and moody, and we don't do primary colours.

"This season (four) we used eggplant, burgundy and deep green, along with some lilac for Claire. She is so sexy and so strong, and I love that you never see her cleavage or see her in a miniskirt. In season four, Claire is in an evil headspace and battling with good and bad. We would use trim as a contrast - black suits and white trim, grey suits with dark trim - playing the contrast with what was going on in her life."

The role has scored 50-year-old Robin a Golden Globe, and made her synonymous with the choppy blonde hairstyle she sports as Claire. The cut came courtesy of celebrity stylist Paul Norton, who has dubbed the slick look the “Claire Underwood cut".

"Robin's cut is the perfect balance of sophistication and edge. Once House of Cards became a reality, it then turned into the Claire Underwood cut with minor tweaks both to cut and colour," Paul previously revealed.

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